(PDF) Squire's Fundamentals of Radiology: Sixth Edition

The book appears to have been and to be the 'vademecum' of thousands of medical students, but its content is also devoted to doctors of sciences other than radiology, who use imaging as an essential tool for diagnostic workup of patients. The 25 years' experience of the textbook can clearly be recognized through its 20 chapters covering all fields of diagnostic imaging. The significant advances in imaging technology have brought a great number of new diagnostic images to this edition and new subjects, such as interventional radiology, have been included. Another important new feature of the book is body anatomy, explained either by plain films or by cross-sectional images. All diagnostic problems are presented in a very practical and essential way, tailored to students who will certainly be doctors but may not become radiologists. The reasoning of the author as a non-radiologist but with the radiologist's eyes is the most captivating feature of the textbook. This aspect can only be explained by Squire's and then Novelline's great experience in teaching medical students...The quality of images and captions is excellent, mainly from the teaching point of view. In fact, I was unable to find any misleading image or caption. Although the book is primarily devoted to medical students, its characteristics make it suitable also for first-/second-year residents in radiology. The book is definitely to be recommended to all doctors willing to know more about modern diagnostic imaging. --A. Chiesa (European Radiology )


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